Ethnographic Values of the Mandeo Interpreting and Training Centre

The Interpreting and Training Centre for the ethnographic values of the Mandeo in Teixeiro is located on the flat land on the upper basin. Although the scenery is typical of traditional agricultural settings, the geographical location of this land, limited by the Dorsal mountains and the rough path of the Mandeo, has lead to its special ethnographic and cultural character. This is why the Teixeiro centre occupies a strategic position, next to some of the most impressive heritage sites in the river basin including the Monasterio de Sobrado dos Monxes (Sobrado Abbey), the Cidadela Roman camp, and the Santuario dos Remedios.

The visitor centre in Teixeiro serves a double purpose: educational, offering courses and workshops in its classrooms; and informative, by means of its interpretation centre, where the cultural and ethnographic heritage of the whole Mandeo river basin is highlighted, using the river as a common theme.

This Centre is aimed at educational and enjoyable visits, focusing particularly on young school children. It boasts a modern and interactive museography accessible to visitors who can learn things by themselves through experimentation and observation. Installations worth visiting include Heightened Reality, where you can visit a Roman camp and also see yourself dressed in a centurion’s helmet.


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